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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Overview:

Sync Interns Digital Marketing Agency welcomes you. Your usage of our services is governed by these terms and conditions. You acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions by using our services.

2. Services

2.1. Search engine optimization (SEO), content production, email marketing, social media management, and online advertising are just a few of the digital marketing services we offer.

2.2. We offer our services under a contract, and particular project-specific conditions or other agreements may apply.

3. Client Obligations

3.1. In order for us to perform our services, clients must supply correct and timely information.

3.2. For any resources that clients send us to use in marketing campaigns, it is their responsibility to get any licenses, permissions, or consents that may be required.

4. Payments

4.1. In accordance with the established pricing structure, clients consent to pay for services supplied.

4.2. The service agreement or invoice will include payment conditions. There might be fines or a service suspension for late payments.

5. Intellectual Property

5.1. Unless otherwise specified in writing, Sync Interns retains all intellectual property rights pertaining to content produced as part of our services.

5.2. Clients keep ownership of their intellectual property rights, which may include trademarks and content protected by copyright that they give us to utilize in advertising campaigns.

6. Confidentiality

6.1. During the course of our business partnership, both parties agree to keep any proprietary or sensitive information supplied secret.

6.2. Without previous written authorization, confidential information may not be given to other parties.

7. Limitation of Liability

7.1. By using our services, you agree that Sync Interns won’t be responsible for any incidental, indirect, or consequential damages.

7.2. The maximum amount of our obligation for direct losses will be the sum that the customer paid for the specific services.

8. Termination

8.1. If any party fails to uphold its end of the bargain and doesn’t correct the other party’s violation within a reasonable amount of time, either party may end the service agreement with writing notice.

8.2 Any licenses or rights provided under the agreement shall terminate upon termination, and any unpaid amounts shall become payable.

9. Governing Law

9.1. Without respect to its conflict of law rules, the laws of [Jurisdiction] shall govern and be construed in conformity with these terms and conditions.

10. Amendments

10.1. Sync Interns retains the right, at any time, to alter or change these terms and conditions. Once changes are posted on our website, they become operative.

11. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about these terms and conditions, please contact us at [contact information].